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Knitting needles and crochet hooks

Knit Pro Zing needles

Knit Pro Zing needle are made from aluminium the wool glides on the needle smoothly.  Furthermore they are so bright and colourful - just the thing to put some zing into your knitting.  

Knit Pro Waves  crochet hooks

With a soft feel handle and an aluminium hook, knit pro waves is the ideal hook for all your crochet projects



Stitch Markers

Stitch Markers made by atomic knitting are absolutely adorable, they come in several designs including Dr Who theme and owls

there is also lace stitch markers and beaded stitch markers.

yarn ball rotator

Yarn ball rotator

Place the yarn on the holder and it rotates it whilst you are knitting or crocheting

Wooden yarn bowl

Yarn Bowl

This yarn bowl is ideal for holding your yarn whilst knitting or crocheting and with three small holes it keeps your tension right.