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What is a crochet along?

Ever heard or read the term CAL and wondered what it was about? Well CAL is short for crochet along. 

A Crochet along or CAL is an event in which designers release a part of a pattern each week, participants crochet along and at the end of the weeks they will have made the finished product.

A CAL is often the perfect opportunities to practice new stitches. 

If undertaking such large projects may be overwhelming for you then there is often communities on social media who will support and encourage you when things go wrong.

If this sounds like it might be too much pressure to keep up, do not worry you can go as quick or as slow as you want, there is no rule that says you have to finish the part by the end of the week,  you do not even have to start the project when it is first released. We all know how many WIPS a person can have on at any one time.

Below are just some of the websites where you can find CALS that have taken place previously.


On this website you have a number of CALS that have been designed by Vanessa Smith – there is one starting on the 10th May. For which I am very excited, in my next blog I will write about how I chose my colours for this project.

If you too are going to be working on the phoenix cal let me know in the comments below.

https://crystalsandcrochet.com/ - is the website run by designer Helen Shrimpton, there is several previous CALS on her website for free, her patterns are really good for beginners because they are accompanied by pictures and if you are a visual learner than there is sometimes you tube episodes which accompany the projects.

I undertook the mandala madness back in 2016.

Mandala Madness designed by Helen Shrimpton

http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/ - a website run by designer Dedri Urys – she is the designer of the popular and gorgeous Sophies universe

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